This blog was made to record the experiences and thoughts around a rail journey across Europe, from London to Stockholm in Spring 2015. One important aim of the journey was to visit sites in Wuppertal and Hamburg where scenes from two films by Wim Wenders were shot: Alice In The Cities and The American Friend. Having returned from the journey, the blog is now archived; posts have been updated with photographs developed since the journey. Supplementary posts are collected under Marginalia.

Blog Index

 1. The Man of The Crowd
 2. Abroad
 3. Provisional Cities/The Phantom Ride
 4. London to Brussels
 5. Alice's Gaze
 6. Resistances
 7. Cafe Umberto
 8. Improvisations
 9. Graffiti in The American Friend
10. Erasures
11. Brussels to Cologne
12. Border Crossings
13. Cologne to Wuppertal
14. Baedekers
15. Hamburg to Copenhagen
16. Writing on Trains
17. One Hundred Years
18. Copenhagen to Stockholm
19. Panoramania
20. Postcards 1
21. Stories
22. Postcards 2
23. The Reisekamera
24. Flea Markets
25. A View from a Room
26. Postcards 3
27. Picture Galleries
28. Ferries
29. Sketchbook
30. Some Thoughts on Railway Stations
31. Other Viewpoints
32. Postcards 4
33. Endings